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This blog is launched to pass across physicians’ voices to the world. Doctors’ facts, knowledge, research work and the experience they gained both in medical school and from the patient they treat are not always revealed to innocent people like you and us. 80% of what they know are keep to themselves due to their busy lives.

For this reason, we do take our precious time to learn and absorb things from them and drop it here professionally. We ask them about health related issues- diet, fitness, disease, etc

Also, we write great and compelling content on how to succeed primarily on health blogging niche, wealth strategies, business start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Our second post was basically the major reason we created this blog. You can go through it here.

All posts are original and unique. You can’t find them anywhere online and offline. If in any case you find our post on another website, please do let us knowOur domain name is how you pronounce it- Alive (to be active; full of life) and Sturdy (to be powerful; energetic).



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