Sunday, 9 October 2016

See How Organic Traffic Make My Adsense Earnings Grow Bigger

As of 17th to 23rd of August, 50% of my organic traffic came from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and some other English speaking countries. I had bounce rate ranging from 22.4 to 0.00%. A single user can spend almost an hour reading a single post. I got lowest click from the English speaking countries and Netherlands for $2.25 and highest click for $7. That makes 900 and 2,800 Nigerian Nairas respectively, using 400 as exchange rate.

Now imagine you earn 60 clicks for $5 each, per day, that brings $300 (120k) in a day. I don’t have to tell you that is enough to buy a village.*winks*


Simply Targeted Organic Traffic (Targeted Search Engine Traffic)

Organic Traffic is the best form of driving traffic to a blog РClich̩. To monetize your traffic maximally with Adsense, you have to target a particular English speaking country, usually US, UK, Canada or Australia with a specific keyword that you know is very common over there.

How can I earn decent organic traffic?

Here, we are not talking about huge organic traffic but well targeted organic traffic that can fetch you decent dollars in few days

1. Keyword Research

Before you put pen on paper or before you put fingers on keyboard. The first thing you must do first is keyword research. Proper keyword research is very essential if you really need organic traffic for Adsense sake. There are different tools for keyword research, but I consider Google Adword tool as the best.

See How To Make the Best of Adsense Using Google Adword Keyword Planner
  • Proceed to planner; create account if you haven’t signed up.
  • Proceed to sign in and click "Get search volume data and trends"

  • Enter you preferred keyword and target English speaking countries and
  • Click "Get search volume"

Note Common Mistakes

  • Don’t go for competitive keywords if your PageRank is at zero or very low. You may not come up at the first page of search engine. Website with higher PageRank may go for competitive keywords.
  • Never make a brand of giant company as your keyword. Let’s assume you used Google as your keyword and I search for Google, don’t expect your website to come up in the first page, and even second page.
  • Never forget to put your keyword in the post title too.

2. Attractive and Engaging Post

When you are about to, or writing your post, think of a way to make your post attractive in any way possible. Don’t focus only on your post title. Nobody loves to read boring or tedious post. Write as if you are speaking directly to your readers. Be connected to your readers

3. Highly Structured Post

If a website has a lot of organic traffic but the posts there are not well structured and engaging, that means you are only jeopardizing your bounce rate by chasing potential customers away, thus affecting webpage rank and organic traffic. These visitors may be converted to daily visitors if your post makes a lot of sense.

If you notice my posts very well, you will see there are a lot of paragraphs, this is because it is more interesting to read that way – a clue to well structured content.

4. Very Long Unique Post
This is becoming a cliché. If you want to get the most of search engine traffic, be advised to always write a very long post for maximum result. A long post compete and perform well in search engine.

Do you know organic traffic contributes mostly to my sales channel?

Why having a blog/website without a sales channel? Are you running a non-profit business? Most Alivers wonder how I got over half of ten thousand subscribers and had very low social media followers. It is simply because those are not my main sales channel.

90% of subscribers in my e-mail list are targeted users through organic traffic. I hope you understand what I mean by “targeted”. They visit, see what they like and subscribe. Most bloggers do not the build e-mail list and they want visitors for every new post published. E-mail subscribers alone can fetch you compulsory hourly earnings that will surely be consistent.


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