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How I Grow and Monetize My Health Niche blog with Adsense.

Hello! Aliver. This blog post entails the basic and certain things you must know if you want to generate thousands of dollars from adsense through health niche blog.

Even, if you have an adsense already running on your blog, this blog post can make you rethink and manage your growing aptitude, especially for the growing bloggers.

This post contains how to recognize your true niche, how to write quality post for health niche blog, garnering of audience and monetizing with adsense.

Understand your niche before jumping into blogging business

Niche simply means segment or specialization. Many bloggers think generating unique content to a blog is the hardest thing to do. I must confess to you that understanding your true niche is the primary, hardest and integral part of blogging business.

You will need to specialize in a particular trade so as to market you and your business quickly and not become jack of all trades.

Your special skill and specialized service is called niche in blogging business. You may know about some other niches too, thus making your true niche confusing and tricky. But how will you know your true niche?


Learn to use your brain

Think! It is impossible for you to know very well in all niches but it is possible to know deeply well in just a single particular niche. A unit or individual that require your specialized service or skill will come and if you are a jack of all niches, how do you want to serve them better? How?

Mind you! You have to make difference even if it is just a single difference, because there are other people too in that particular niche.


Think of what you can add to your niche that little or nobody has added. This must be your selling point, consider it valuable and make it count to your readers.

If you are not different in some special and valuable ways. Start today by thinking, asking and learning so as not to get lost in the crowd of people within your niche.

You have to think and develop few competitive advantages, peculiar marketable attributes or unique selling characteristics so as to focus your resources time and energy serving more people that need your unique skills. Concentrating on your differentiation will make you standout and make you dream of yourself as a champion in your niche and not making you think you are an average blogger.
Many bloggers, especially the fresh bloggers think capital (facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc) will help solve their problem. NO!
Here are some basic truths
I must confess to you that GOAL is what these bloggers lack. When you set a goal to own a big business, you will wave from the idea that big capital is always needed to build a big business.
You must realized that acquiring capital (Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc) is part of the process of getting rich and becoming a big blogger. But, remember every big tree grows from a small tiny seed. “The bigger your capital at the onset, the less you need your brain” and the less your ability to generate the needed creativity and resourcefulness.
Small capital is the only one that can make you develop rational thoughts. Small capital makes you develop business experience tenacity and invincible determination (Part of what can make you unique in your niche). It enables you to think a way round when money is in huge demand for a purpose. You will want to waste not and want not (Frugality). You search until you find new possibilities in very situation. You think!
When there is huge capital, you are already rich. You will have less thinking to find new motives, possibilities and uniqueness in your niche.

How I Write A Quality Post For My Health Niche Blog.

This is where many health bloggers fail. If you don’t know more about your niche, you will definitely have difficulties in generating content of your own. This is why it is essential to pick the niche you understand mostly.
However, there are some brilliant and awesome ideas you can use to develop unique contents for your health blog if you have little or no knowledge about health issues. Generating unique content shouldn’t be a problem If you read my post on How To Write Health Articles even if You don't go to medical school

How I Gather Audience When I Have No Readers

This part should be read thoroughly for traffic sake
 If you want to monetize your blog/website, traffic should be the first thing that should come to your mid.
I have no readers when I just started and I want to monetize my blog with adsense. 5 years in blogging business and understanding what adsense needs make it easy for me.
See 3 things I did below:

1.  Pillar post

I started by writing pillar content. Pillar post is the ability of a post to attract audience, capable of re-share and go viral on the internet.
A pillar post must be long, unique (not found anywhere on the net) and contains no meaningless statements.
See few of my pillar posts here below

Walk on your pillar post first before you think of growing audience. Readers will surely come if you have meaningful posts on your blog. A single pillar post might take weeks to be generated but remember quality over quantity. Pillar post helps a lot for search engine sake and remember pillar content is the key

2.  Keywords

I added keywords to each of my post including pillar post. Keyword is a word or phrase used repeatedly in a post so as to enable higher search engine rank. When this keyword is included to your post, your page might come first on the search engine if used properly.
For example: If your keyword is “health niche” and I google searched for “What is health niche”. Google search algorithm will search for the best website with the best keyword and if your website page is among the first 10 that best match the keyword, it will be listed at the first page of google search engine.

3.  Promotion

I used majorly facebook, whatsapp and quora to promote my blog posts.  Commenting on quora posts relating to my niche for backlink. Blog commenting helps in building backlink. Backlink is the link from external source liking to your own website.
But How will you generate sales when you don’t have a sales channel .

How will you attract visitors to your other blog posts? 

See how I attract visitors to my other blog posts

1.   Catchy headlines: oh-ah-ah. The most rugged of all sales channel.
Examples: How I made fortune with "fool idea", "Killer" effects of using crack-screen mobile phone, How I lose 120 pounds by drinking "cockroach milk"
2.   Intersting topic sentence
3.   Action: Whenever a visitor need my help, I take action. Whenever I see new things that can help me, I implement it. 
4.   Internal Link

It is now left for you to take action. Comment if You have any hitch or dissatisfaction on your blog!


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