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6 blogging success determinants - UPDATED!

Our success depends on 6 major things. I respect number 6 but number 3 may be so deadly if you don’t have the mind.
You’ve got a lot of scenarios running on your head on how to become successful in life. At first, you may find it difficult to know how, but you later discovered there are always ways to succeed. I’m sure you would discover there are several things that can make you successful but you don’t know which ones to uphold and imbibe.

Our success depends upon 6 major things which I don’t think you would object. Yes! “OUR” - you and me.  In any endeavour, we should depend majorly on these 6 things because they are factors that determine our success.

#2           Depth of commitment


Commitment is the number 2 key to success. You should be completely docile to achieve huge success in blogging or anything you venture in. Ask yourself! Are you among the bloggers that quit blogging because it doesn’t’ yield quick returns? Because, these people have a very poor depth of commitment, it is wrong to expect blogging to give you quick money, you will be very frustrated if money is your primary aim. The money doesn’t start coming until you have reached a certain level of requirement: the number one o f which is the number of years you’ve been blogging. More experience, more motives, more money.

#3           Passion for one’s cause


Be yourself and start where you are, use what you have to do what you can, keep doing what you’re doing and love what you do. If you have faith in what you can do and deliver to people, your success in blogging will surely come and you will reap the fruit of your labour. Even if some people or family hate what you do or say what you are doing is not the right thing, just get your hustle on and don’t listen to anybody. Family can be deceiving at times.

Remember, If you don’t give anyone reason to hate you or what you are doing, they will only create their own view out of pure jealousy. Man are designed to be so discouraging, man will always give you story but in the end they will leave you alone, so try harder to make your own history by following your dreams.

Some things should however not be tried. “Trying to please everyone is a pitfall”. You can’t do it seeing that you are a superman. Wanted to please everyone is a perfect key to failure, it is a mistake we face in a regular life. “Most people don’t know the key to success but key to failure pleases everyone”- bill cosby.

I always say this quote whenever we debate on innovation and entrepreneurship in my school; “Do not let anyone deviate you from your pursuit as long as you know what you’re doing”. Always believe in your capability and don’t envy any single soul. This website started somewhere and gets bigger all day just because of the passion the owner built in it. ‘’Recognizing power in another doesn’t diminish your own”- Joss Whedon.

Do not say when and what time will I begin to earn millions in my blog?  When exactly will I be like Larry, Sergy or Mark zuckerberg? Saying these would totally discouraged you, they started somewhere at their own pace too. Success requires starting at lower level.

All you need to have in mind is to continue in your cause and before you know it, you will “do something wonderful and people may imitate it”- Albert Schweitzer. Look at the case of pop-corn that doesn’t pop at the say time, and they are being put in the pot at the same time in the same temperature. It is better you wait for your time when it would happen.

#4           Determinations to overcome any obstacle


You should be smarter and wiser that the ability to conquer any obstacle that comes your way is in you. “The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to love, to endure, to transform, to overcome and to be greater than our suffering”- Ben okri

#5           Willingness to embrace new path:


Change in circumstances will always occur, especially in blogging or any other other online business, might be good or bad, painful and ardous. When a vicissitude is bad or painful, you don’t need to be panic. However, you should sit-up, be strong and ready to face the challenge. You don’t know what number 1 key to success has in plan for you. He who loses faith loses all.
I’ve seen a case of a Nigerian lady that couldn’t continue her legitimate lucrative business and suffer as a bread hawker, hustling to get back to normal. This lady was picked in my presence to model for an event during her hawking business. This went viral on the internet, search CNN if you don’t believe this. The question I keep asking myself is what could these people see in her?  To be honest, I don’t know till today. I guess it is number one key that works.

#6           Retain mutual respect and benefit

Treat others the way you want to be treated. “If you want to lift yourself up, lift-up someone else”- Booker T washington. Also, remember this quote of Socrates that says “be nicer than necessary to everyone you met, coz everyone is fighting some kind of battle”.


If you want to succeed in blogging, succeed in others people’s cause too. Look at the case of some bloggers that will not like or comment on a post that has impact on them. Some might said the comment or like in a post is already much, so why to comment. You don’t know if your brother need adsense or comment and like qualifications to advertise for a third party. Same thing as guest-blogging, I don’t know why tons of people doesn’t do this, exposing yourself to a website that has thousands and millions of readers per day.

I think maybe it’s because you don’t want to put that long, compelling and quality post on someone else website. Sincerely, if you continue in this trend, you won’t grow like grass. Always have it mind that your good thoughts to others will surely guide you upward and onward.

OH!!! You are so bothered to know what the 

number one key might be. Well it is right there 

behind and beside you. It’s also here:

#1           God 

He should always come first before any other thing. If you live and do things in a Godly way, you will always have this peaceful and happiness soul. You will be full of joy and enjoy your living. You mustn’t leave God out of anything you lay your hand on if you want to be prosperous in life.

If these success determinants in blogging means something to you and you are busy not to share it, that means- you’re killing your loved ones. Remember sharing is caring.

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