Monday, 12 September 2016

How My Health Blog Got adsense Approval with just 6 posts

Getting adsense approval with health blog is very easy if you are clever to use your brain in a smarter and intelligent way.  I believe the person reading this has a well and functioning brain. So why isn’t your healthblog approved by adsense? This may happen because most health bloggers think in a way of growing average rather than growing rich. If you are legally smart, you will surely have all you needed by legally means.

This post was compiled painstakingly for health bloggers that need adsense to convert their passion into profit for them. Especially new-comers and those preparing to start new personal blog for profit.

I got adsense approval with my healthblog you are reading now with just 6 posts. i applied for adsense once and got approved once. So easy! How did I do it? I will show you everything you need to know before applying and when your application is still on reviewing process, so that you can easily adopt the logic and use it for your health blog too, and even your blog that is not on health niche. This is not a trick, not everybody understands how trick works. This is brain work done by clever means which can be understood by everybody.

A little bit lengthy post. Each sentence carries tangible and no nonsense points. You may re-read for better assimilation or bookmark for future sake. Nothing stops you from making few thousands of dollars in few months from adsense alone. Grab something edible and let’s go fight and win adsense.

One thing I learnt from google and  adsense before I launched my health blog is that they reciprocate things. Adsense will be fraustrating if you are also fraustrating. If you doesn’t work hard to deliver distinctive and quality content to google, google search traffic will also turn-back from you. Same thing happens if you published fake content on your healthblog, adsense will not hesitate to jab you wilth their disapproval message. Adsense is designed in such a way that you will reap what you sow. You are going to be judge base on your level of hardwork.

The silliest wealth mistake is in the history of ignorance

I started my first blog only to make money from it and as a beginner that doesn’t know much about Adsense, SEO, Marketing and Distribution of contents. I suffered a lot for my ignorance involving in plagiarism. I published another person’s article on my blog without even editing some features and specific keywords. 

Publishing already published content is the major reason news and entertainment blogs are not approved by adsense. It is better you know about something before jumping into it so as not to waste time, money and energy. Even if it is just a little knowledge.

I  was fraustrated and even blocked adsense for infolinks. Later, I realized other ad network are not so good as adsense. I learn to use my brain and thought deeply of what I can do to win adsense. After months of research on the internet, I discovered my true niche which is health and business has not been cluttered. So I decided to launch this health blog and name it as alive and sturdy. See what I did in just 1 week to get adsense approval within a period of 5 days. Total of 1 week 5 days.

The First things done to get adsense approval for my healthblog

1.            I have an online guide for good design of my blog

I don’t think there is much sense in hiring someone to help you launch your personal blog. If you call upon a web-designer to design your blog, you may have problem in the future and may not be able to rectify it. Most web designers will not tell you basic and certain things to know and do in case your blog is experiencing troubleshooting. They will want you to come back again for another charges and take you as a customer.

The best thing to do as a novice that doesn’t know anything about CSS and blog customization is to find a blog online that has simple design and learn from it. It is not necessary that you occupy the same niche, but it does make sense if the blog has a simple design. I also downloaded and watch 2 to 3 different videos on youtube for blog customization. There are countless opportunities and skills online that are far better than a single offline tutor.

2.            Blog Customization

95% of new wordpress users are battling with design and navigation because they don’t have a guide, especially online store and health bloggers.

I use blogger because the design is simple. Awesome inc. is applied as a template, and I finish it up with advance CSS to enhance the theme and appearance by the help of online guides. Body is 960 wide and sidebar is 360 wide.

3.             Transparency/About

This is one of the key to achieve huge success in every business and becoming a better blogger. Adsense doesn’t like hiding identity.

Your about page should clearly define who you are in detail and what your blog entails. You can also summarize things about you and link your social profiles like I have it below the body of my blog posts.

 Remember to insert your crop picture. Tons of people don’t how to do this on blogger platform.

See how you will do it:

Open your ms word and write something about you, keep it short, about 3 to 5 lines and insert your crop picture at the top left. You can use any simple font you like and increase your font size to 18. Go to blogger and click on new post, copy and paste your work there, edit any changes and click on HTML. Copy it and go to layout settings to add new widget, choose add HTML and paste the code there, drag and drop it in the body section of the layout. Click on save arrangement and view your blog.

4.           Contact

Your contact details should include your telephone number and where you resides, particularly the country you came from. You may decide to remove your telephone number in the future after being approved.

Your e-mail  address should be a customized one like I have it below myblog, just like this: A custom e-mail is very essential for a reputable business. I used zoho for my custom e-mail address. Zoho is free and ready to use.

As an health blogger, it is necessary you make adsense think you are professional in the businesss, because one must know too well before jumping to health and wellness niche.

5.            Privacy Policy

I generated my privacy policy using online privacy policy generator. It’s free, simple and easy to use. Search for privacy policy generator online, click on any one you see and follow the procedures.

The major things done to get adsense approval for my health blog

1.             Content

An honest blogger will tell you content is the king. Without posts, a blog is meaningless and absolutely has no value. Content can be a king but a long well structured content is the leader.
I’ve written my 6 posts already before launching the blog, though 7 posts which I later reverted one to draft during 2nd reviewing stage.

I published each post each and on the 4th day, I restructured all the blog posts in a pleasing and elegant style, including widget posts.

I love to write a catchy topic and interesting topic sentence. I guess that even make adsense love my health blog already, thus making approval easy

All posts are minimum of 500 words, unique and original. Each sentence makes a lot of sense and value.

2.            Distribution & SEO

On the 5th day, I submitted my all post to google search console and created a sitemap and analytics which I added to my blog.

I have neither readers nor traffic, so I thought of what to do. I decided to share my posts with my facebook, whatsapp contacts and groups. I asked them to please rebroadcast to other contacts. I don’t even have a facebook page then.

3.           Applying for Adsense

On the 6th day, I applied for adsense, I waited for 2 hours because I know adsense won’t start immediate review. Then I reshare my 5 published post again one after the other with my facebook and whatsapp friends. I will share one and waited for like an hour before sharing another one. I did everything with my mobile phone.

Sincerely speaking, a very low traffic is  what I used to win adsense. My readers are not up to 30 per day
I repeated the above procedure on the 7th day and attract another new readers and users. Normally, within 24hours, adsense suppose to send me an e-mail whether I’m approved for the first stage or not, but they didn’t.

I already knew what to do, so I opened my adsense account and check the red bar notice. I was pleased to see a message telling me that I should server blank ads on my website for completion of approval. I do so immediately.

During the second review, I repeated the above procedure by publishing the remaining 2 posts. Formula one post per day. Immediately I published, I submit to search console and broadcast to my cotacts. I knew already a second stage might take 1-2 weeks or more than before getting approval or disapproval message.

While waiting for approval, I used that medium to go over my blog posts, particularly the ones that talk about health. I discovered a post that was seemingly tush and containing some nonsense statements, so I reverted it to draft.

The funniest thing was that I was unaware when they send me approval message 5 days after I applied for adsense because I’ve forgotten I used another e-mail address to apply. I went to the nearest cyber café to another thing that requires me to open the mail I used for adsense. You won’t believe what I saw.

My health blog is fully alive and sturdy with adsense. Then i disttribute the adsense code to my other blogs. Wealth must be created through health blogging. Start a health blog today Remember health is wealth. Cheers!! Share with friends and families!!


  1. Brother please I need it too. Thanks. This is my email

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  3. Hi toheeb I will like if you can send me your template....

  4. If you really want my template. it will cost you few amounts. mail if you are ready.

  5. Congratulations guy! I too have been struggling with adsense since 2014 for my blogs. But i have a question please: I am interested in writing a healthblog, if i use my phone to do it as i usually did, won't adsense detect the ip address of my phone as being formerly disapproved and therefore disapprove this health blog. Secondly, if i finally got their approval and then put the adsense code of my christian blog won't they disapproved or ban my blog? Find out and please email me on Thanks

    1. Note> whenever you comment, always click the notify me box if you want to receive further replies and comment in your mailbox as there won't be need for displaying your e-mail address to public.

      Pete, blogging with mobile phone is not factor for disapproval if your blog is well structured and has good design.

      Yes! You can place adsense code to any website that comply with adsense policies. Be it religion niche, lifestyle, entertainment. etc. Just please do not violate adsense rules

  6. Congrats bro on your adsense success. Please is it a must for one to have a significant amount of traffic before applying?. I am waiting for my organic traffic to rise before applying so as not to risk facing a rejection. Kindly check out my blog and advice me. Thanks.

    1. Tolulope, organic traffic is not neccessary. I used little amount of traffic i got from my whatsapp contacts and social media, which is not up to 50 pageviews per day to register

    2. Ok bro, thanks for your thinking of running some facebook ads during my application period inorder to beef up the traffic. Do you think it is advisable?.

    3. That was among my plan too. Not until i saw adsense approval message. So i knew traffic is not the major factor of disapproval. You can try it the facebook ad Make sense tho. I will advice you to boost only engaging post and not page.

    4. Hi Toheeb, i applied yesterday night and got this

      Your AdSense application status

      Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

      We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

      Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It's our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.
      Here are some recommendations to help you improve the user experience on your site and comply with AdSense criteria:
      It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
      Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
      Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

      Please advise on what might have gone wrong and how long to wait before re applying.thanks

  7. bro. were you the one that created the images yourself through photoshopping or you curled them of googke image search?

  8. @joseph, well, i used photoshop to finish up the design of some pictures i copied on net. Like the one you i used for this post, "Health is Wealth".

    Most importantly, use website like flickr, photobucket, istockphoto to choose free photos. Just search for a photo relating to your keywords.

    1. Aren't images from flickr and the rest subject to google copyright policy?

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Naturally, Flickr is meant to distribute and display others copyrighted materials. So no offence if you used it. Though you might be able to download some pictures, some are also not free.

  9. Hi brother, I have been rejected so many times please help me t get through this my blog consist of 35 post but I still get insufficient contention emàils from AdSense. Please help me here is my email

    1. I recommend you read this post first

      Then comment for any dissatisfaction. Don't worry, I will give you quick response.

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    3. I have read the post bro... My contents are original I didn't copy them from another site

    4. What are you waiting for? Go on apply!

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    6. I already have a hosted account, how long does it takes to get impression approval?

    7. I'm talking about the second stage of course

  10. Maximum of two weeks, but i believe you will be notified in 4days time.

    By tomorrow, Make sure you start doing some things such as editing and putting new posts on your blog for faster approval.

  11. Hello bro today i'm here to tell you that I'm only one step ahead... The problem left is difficulty navigation then I get to the victory... Get you help me to resolve this issue?

    1. I guess the problem is from your template.
      Whats the url to your blog?

    2. Yes it must be templates problem, itoday i have tried so many templates they all look aweful, can you help me with yours

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hit me on

  12. Pls can i get approval with religion niche blog?

  13. Its funny how i used to worry about Naija Adsense approval and now i have three i ain't even using.

    1. Emmanuel Okolonta, that's cool and why don't you share or sell them out!


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