Tuesday, 13 June 2017

See how my Grandma burn calories on SPOT. NO 10 is dope!

My grandmother burn calories on a spot because she is an obese. The most interesting thing about her is how she gets rid of calorie faster while staying on a spot. Though, she is not slim but she is improving very fast and waving away from her high obesity rate.

However, this post is not limited to obese people. It is dedicated to all human being that is alive and consuming food for sustenance of energy. The more you eat energizers, the more your calorie rate becomes. Therefore, if you need energy, you can never abstain from calories. It is impossible to stay away from calories but there are superb ways of getting rid of calories to burn fat faster so as not to get to the obesity level.

Calorie is a unit of energy that is 1000 times larger than the gram calorie. It is usually in Kcal – i.e, KilogramCalorie. Kcal is always written at the edge of a label of soft-drinks if you do observe what you eat and drink.

Mind you! It is not only soft drink that contain calorie. Almost all the food we eat contains calorie, except water. Calories in different kind of foods vary proportionally.

If you are overweight, never let anybody tell you that you can’t come back to normal because you can’t do what other people do to burn calories more effectively, might be jogging, running, pills and all that. No! It’s a big LIE and CRAP!

If you are able to do the “Burn Calories on a Spot” exercise virtually every day and vigorously. I promise you that you’re gonna loose thousand of calories within minutes just like my Granny. I study my Grandmother from the day 1 of  the “Burn Calories on a Spot” exercise because the doctor ask me to do so.

See how you and your grandama can burn calories on a spot.

1.    Legs matching

This is the number 1 on the list of “Burn Calories on a Spot” exercise. You lose about 1050kcal within 25 minutes if done with vigour. I believe this is part of the reasons the soldiers are very fit and agile.

You can do yours by sitting on a chair, rest your back, raise the 2 legs up and bring them down one after the other without them touching the ground.

2.    Hand/Leg rolling

This is another perfect on-spot calorie burner. Raise your left leg a bit and turn it slowly in a clockwise or anti-clokwise direction. Do the right leg also like that. Please do not rotate both legs and hands at the same time to avoid confusion and you may not enjoy it.

You may feel pain in your hands and legs within minutes. Endure to do it more. Remember to sit & relax your back.

3.    Waist twisting

credit: office fitness

Almost everyone knows this as a spot calorie burner. Doing it right and you shall see positive result.

Let’s do it like the soldiers

Stand on a spot firmly, don’t look down and open your legs a bit – at ease. You may place your hands beside your waist and move it round in a 360 manner.

4.    Shouting

This may look weird, but what you don’t know is that when you make sound, a certain amount of energy is released as a calorie, not to talk of shouting. Are you thinking of what to do?
I stay in my room, play music and sing out loud. Quiet funny though.

Burning calorie with shouting is not recommended for high B.P patient.

5.    Pedaling

This is similar to leg matching. Pedaling requires maneuvering your legs as if you are cycling.

6.    Bum twirling

Women are going got love this, stay in your room, bend a bit and put your hands on your laps. Bring out your bum, then shake and twist in any form.

7.    Sex

Recommended for adult only. This shouldn’t be a problem If you are the type that love sex. For woman to get maximum result, she should perform the man work instead of staying under. If performed well, sweat would definitely evolve from the body.

8.    Up-down move

This is the simplest of the “Burn calorie on a spot” exercise. All you need to do is your hands up, stand on a spot and move up and down.

9.    Hand stretch clapping
credit: ktxlife
Stretch your hands horizontally, place behind your back and clap. You can also do so without clapping in which they will move above each other.

10.    Squat jump

credit :favilicious
This is the fastest and most productive of the “Burn calorie on a spot” exercise, because all your body parts are moving.

Bend a bit, merge your 2 hands together as if you wanted to clap and place them in the front. Bring 
out your bum and jump as high as possible. Repeat this always for better and maximum result.

Burning calories on a spot exercise only make it easy for extremely overweight people to get rid of fat as they are not agile. If you are very agile and fit, it is better you do something more productive.


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I hope this Burn Calorie on Spot exercise works for you. Do not forget to share with people you value. BloggerToheeb and Aliveandsturdy as a whole care!


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