Friday, 3 March 2017

6 Powerful everlasting ways to be alive and sturdy in health blogging. ” Big-man ideas”

Blogging about health, fitness, diet or nutrition doesn’t come so naturally especially if you have little or no idea about medical related issues.

I will show you how to write uniquely qualified content on health even if you don’t go to medical school, and how to get faster adsense approval with it. Follow these 6 big-man ideas on health blogging and within 14 days, you might be approved. Health and fitness blog is highly profitable in the blogging lucrative industry provided you are smarter to do it well.

If after you’ve placed about page, contact page, privacy policy and sitemap on your health blog, these are next steps: 100% working. I’m sure you will come back and give testimony.

#1. Study your situation

A perfect way to find a standout and unique content for your health blog. This helps alot and work for my second post on my blog. Always listen to your body for any form of uncommon situations. Think about disease that attacked you or someone else and how it was cured. 

Naturally, blog is meant to share content of feelings and expression about something or someone. Don’t write on common disease such as malaria, coz it might not just seems new to google and even your audience. Almost everyone knows what malaria is and how to cure it. Rather find a strange disease that happened to you, or if strange disease has never happened to you. Find someone else that has it and make a lot of enquiries on the particular disease so as for you to have sufficient and relevant content on your blog – one of the requisites for adsense approval.

Also, remember if content is not new to google, adsense approval will definitely be a narrow one. We have a clinic, thus make this easier for me, I go there always to make enquiries on health issues so as for me to blog. Therefore, if in anyway you have a clinic around you or expert in the medical field, it’s a great opportunity, never lose it.

#2. Write base on reasons & facts

Don’t just say mosquito causes malaria, red meat cause cancer. NO! Let your readers know why and how. What does red meat contain for it to cause cancer, what’s in anopheles’ bite that cause malaria? Doing these will earn you great trust from your audience. Trust is not that thing audience just get involved with anyhow, especially in health blogging niche, because they will think it’s your cooked story, but when you talk base on reasons and evidences, they will surely believe you. 

Maximum credibility will make your visitors to come again and again. This lead to traffic building – another requirement for adsense approval.

#3. Never ignore any offline articles on health

This always reduce my stress when looking for what to write again on my blog. Always make use of this and you won’t have any regret at all even if the article is just a single page. Make a perfect scheme to elaborate and make it highly structured. Your health blog will also be fully alive if you remember to insert sweet keywords for organic search traffic.

It may happen that contents in some books have already been published online. I do take my time to write exactly some lines written in the book on a Google or Bing search page for me to know if it is already on the net. Please do not copy and pasted someone else work.

If you don’t have unique post and traffic on your blog, and you want adsense ads, I will advise you to revert all your posts to draft and with just 7 structured and original posts and considerable amount of decent traffic, why won’t you be approved by adsense?

Remember to always write enough content for search engine web crawler like googlebot to crawl your blog or website more intelligently and for adsense to place relevant ads on your blog. I write over 500 meaningful words, it is okay.

#4. Disclaimer guidelines

This must be on your blog if you really want fast adsense approval. This let your audience know that you are only blogging information on health. Encourage them to go to their doctors if they notice any sign or symptom in their body. Disclaimer should always be somewhere very noticeable on your health blog, might be on the top menu-bar, down-menu bar or placed as widget. Just make sure it can be notice quickly on both desktop and mobile version of your blog or website.

#5. Custom e-mail address

I always encourage people to use money to make money, just few bucks. If you are using a blogger or any other free hosting platform to blog on health, never ever forget setting up a custom e-mail address. This makes you and your blog look more professional. Also makes Google see your blog as a useful and reliable one and will not hesitate to dash you adsense.

Put your custom e-mail address on the contact page of your blog or somewhere very quick todiscover.

Note: If you can’t afford monetized custom e-mail address, you can try out zohomail. Zoho is     always easy and ready to use.

#6. Boost listed articles

If you just started a health blog or you are already blogging on health and you’ve written one or two number listed posts, try to boost them on social media even after you’ve already shared them to different websites. Number listed posts engage mostly with audience and carry your readers along rather than a mere article that look like a story. Remember not everyone likes story.

If this article on health blogging is helpful to you, please share it to loved ones. Sharing is caring. Cheers!!!


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