Monday, 10 October 2016

5 productive ways to stimulate your medulla and enhance your mind

Medulla control reflexes which cannot be control by you.  Examples are: sneezing, heart-beat, coughing etc. When your medulla oblongata is not working well, it means you have been affected emotionally, stressed-up or miss-used your energy. There are some certain things you can do to fuel and motivate medulla, even if you can’t control it.

Deep breathing

Breathing in heavily works 100% in stimulating the medulla obloganta. Keeping fresh air in the lungs is really a good thing because it also makes healthy lungs. Always try this when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed in the night – inhale as deeply as possible with your nose, hold your nose for more than 8 seconds and exhale with your mouth as deeply as possible. Always do this repeatedly for more than 5 times for effective results.

Centres of respiration are located in the medulla oblongata which is part of the brain stem. These respiratory centres receive controlling signals of chemical, neural and hormonal factors and control the rate and depth of respiratory movements of the diaphragm and some other respiratory muscles. If in any case these respiratory centres are affected by Injury or unfavourable conditions, this may lead to centre respiratory failure, which necessitates mechanical/natural ventilation. This always lead to death in many cases.

Milk intake

Milk naturally in its pure state enhances performance of the mind and body. Most evaporated or tin or milk in plastic are not always the best, because they have been fortified - additives, sweeteners or colourants has been added to make the nutrient look real and taste good. Meanwhile, many nutrients are already gone during the preservations, some producers may even put “extra fortified”. I use powdered milk that is low in fat and high in energy. Soya milk is also a very good choice, high energy, low fat and low glycemic index, perfect for improving mind performance and the brain.

Sleep in a dark room

Sleeping in a dark room limit anxiety and control heart rate. It is not necessary to be very dark but huge light rays in a room while sleeping can cause distractions and absolutely interrupt your sleep.

Avoid hot conditions

Always get a well ventilated air. When you are in a heat area, the hypothalamus begin to jack and continue to release unwanted hormones directly into the blood stream, thus brings lack of focus to whatever you are doing at that moment

Pure cocoa

A superb natural chemical that can stimulate and organize reflexes. Pure cocoa that has not been mixed has a very good anti-oxidant that can digest faster if taken whenever you feel dizzy or lightheaded. It soothes and consoles the mind.


  1. Awesome! what about drinking hot water with honey?

    1. Yeah! make sense alot. But i take mine with soya milk instead of hot water


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