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Meat You Should Eat, Meat You may Avoid and Meat You Must Avoid. Must read!

Most super-markets have special lightening around their meat counter which makes it very difficult to see what you are buying. Therefore, shine your eyes and don’t be deceived.

See the list of meat you should eat


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Poultry is a good source of protein, might be chicken, turkey, quail, duck, etc. I buy my chickens whole so I know exactly what I’m buying. Then, I peel all the fat away because if there are toxins in the meat, it will be in the fat.  Also, avoid turkey that has grown up a lot of fat during breeding. You’re just paying for extra fat which is dangerous to your body.


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Fish is an excellent food but don’t fry it always. Baked fish can be prepared in a way that makes it delicious.

Why not fry fish? Because one teaspoon of oil has 125 calories. The oil or grease must be about 3 inches deep in the skillet to fry fish. We also add so many ingredients to fry our fish, usually pepper, oatmeal, cracker-crumbs. Do you know how many calories these things have?

What happen is that most of us take a really healthy food like fish and turn it into something unhealthy by the way we prepare it. We should however be wiser than that.

I eat a lot of raw fish with special sauces, it’s good. Fish doesn’t have to be cooked. But sometimes in July and August, fish have worms. The only difference in eating it raw and frying it is that you cook the worms too.

It is good to eat ocean fish when it is available. Ocean fish is has a very nutritive meat you should eat It has not been exposed to much pollution as water fish. This was stated by Dr. Donald Whitaker in his book – ‘’How to feel better and live longer’’.


Liver is highly rich in iron, although many people don’t like liver. Make sure it comes from young animals. The reason is that when cow is sick, it is given huge doses of medicine. The antibiotics are broken down to the liver. Even if a young animal has been injected with antibiotics, you still have a very little danger.

Beef or Veal and Chevon 

These are meat you may avoid, they are not always excellent. If you want to buy cow meat at a meat place, take the meat and smell it, because some meat may be rancid, some meats are not always what they look like. Don’t be tricked, most meat sellers won’t let you know exactly what you are buying.
Remember that it’s alright to eat cow or goat meat, but we should cut down the quantity.

The less meat we eat the better health we have. Too much fat causes cholesterol which is very common among heavy meat eaters- those who eat meat every day.
Most importantly, inner parts of cow are the best, such as; Gizzard, liver, heart, towel. Etc. Outer parts (the beef) are always filled with fat and may not digest easily.

See the meat you must avoid


Wiener is made with pork and beef (cow meat) or veal (calf meat). This is also known as hotdogs, you must avoid this meat at all cost, it contains large amount of preservatives, and they will surely go bad. Lot of colouring are added and they are very high in fat.

Know few things about pork today! Pork is a cooked pig. We know pigs generally are very high in fat and their whole bodies are filled with micro-organisms. The heat stored in their body is not able to penetrate deeply into where these microbes are so as to heat up and kill them, because of the large amount of fat accumulated immediately after the outer part of their body. This same thing happens even after cooked.

The fat is just too much for a normal body to contain, you may not see it when cooked because pig has a very tough outer layer that deceive, but believe me you will surely notice it as you are eating it. You should have inkling that the fat had been denatured into oily tastes, this is why oil fills your mouth while you eat it. Each body part contains huge proportion of fat, and like I said earlier that toxins are stored in the fat - this means you’re eating microbes, germs and at the same time you’re eating fat. My dear pork-eater, are you tired of life? I guess your answer is NO!

Pork is also a red meat – one of the major causes of cancer. Red meat is ranked as a class one carcinogen by world health.

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