Monday, 10 October 2016

Fantastic: Honey and milk gives balanced diet

Oh! Did you just say IMPOSSIBLE? That was also my first impression when I heard it from my doctor, but to be honest with you, it is perfectly real, tested and trusted. Fresh honey with milk as a meal gives you all the classes of food. Let me list out all the health benefits of honey and milk for you and why it is balance diet.

Honey as carbohydrate

Honey contains fructose – a very sweet sugar that is present in many fruit and vegetables. Fructose comprises of over 75% of total composition of honey. Fructose in its pure state is very high in calories and therefore energize the body in a sustainable manner.

Fructose does not increase blood glucose that results into diabetes because it has nothing to do with insulin, only glucose does. Findings show that a little intake of honey can even control glycemic index state in diabetic patient. Although if you ask a physician that, is honey good for a diabetic patient? The answer is always NO because most honey are not being treated well and has already been manipulated mostly by table sugar and water.

Honey as Protein

Honey is very low in protein, that’s why it is recommended to consume with milk for better result. Honey can serve as a way to increase protein content in your body. It can be by 2%.

Honey as vitamin and mineral

Honey comprises of only water soluble vitamins – vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin) and vitamin B5 (panthothenate),
Minerals in honey are: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and some other trace elements like iron, zinc and manganese. Remember dark honey are richer in minerals than lighter honey. Honey also contain essential oils, such as omega.

Honey as water

Though honey has very low water content, but always remember the lesser the water, the better the quality of the honey.

Thinking about what milk to buy?

Milk is a very good tonic. I guess we all know the importance of milk to human. Milk is very high in protein, vitamin and mineral.
Powdered milk is very good especially powdered soya milk. Soya milk is very low in fat and high in energy. You can buy cheese provided you know the source. Taking honey with cheese is really a superb combination and you are good to go.

Raw milk is always the best but most people can't find it. So when considering which milk to buy, make sure it is low-fat. Do not buy evaporated or condensed milk, they have been fortified and have high content of fat. When you see the word "fortified" on a milk label, it also means "enriched". The producer have taken out what nature put in it and fortified with chemicals.

Therefore, if you've been thinking of diet that will provide you with all classes of food or you have little amount of money and wanted to satisfy yourself with all essential vitamins and all that, don't dull, you can always go for the two combo! 

Note: Always be considerate in any food you eat for better control of obesity and cholesterol. 1 table spoonful of honey contains 64 calories, I take 1 or 2 spoonful of honey and add plenty of milk, then I mix it water, preferably hot. It is okay.


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