Friday, 3 March 2017

Killer effects of Using Crack Screen Mobile Phone

Though technology might be what everyone is talking about today, but we should however be smarter that technology is not all. Always be conscious and be vigilant of any strange feeling in your body as you use your phone or any other powerful IT device.

This effects of crack screen phone  happened to me, I know we all hate to hear story but please take your time to read this and perhaps you might save lives. I will like to conceal the brand and name of the phone, but have it mind that it’s a powerful producer that produces premium devices.

Few month back, I was in my room looking for my wallet on a squat position, I discovered my left leg was shaking and vibrating so badly that I couldn’t control it, I said to my self – this is strange and what might be happening? I also noticed whenever I walk just few miles - my left leg will not balance and seems falling apart from the right leg. This become habit

Few days later, I was on chat on my phone and honestly the crack on the screen was slightly very much since about 10 month usage, but the calibration and display works fine and well. 

I started feeling strange disturbance in me and my stomach would continue to rupture, worms in me would make a heavy sound as if I just took in honey, throat taste injection-like when I salivate. The same thing happened whenever I used my laptop or any of my friends’ phones, though their phone screens weren’t cracked at all.

It happened that I couldn’t sleep early in the night whenever my friend – Marvellous operate his laptop beside me. I would rather I went outside, obtain fresh air and let him sleep before I come back to bed.

It was seriously devastating and I couldn’t share to any of my friends then, because I don’t know exactly what went wrong in my body and it would sound like a cliché if I told them the story. My dear reader, bad times in hell were those days.

As an intelligent young man, I ran to my doctor and laid down the complaints, he made it clear to me that it was as a result of the phone I was using. He said ‘’should a phone screen break, it tends to increase more electromagnetic wave, thus vibrating into the body system. The side-effect of my crack screen phone is much on the left leg because I keep my phone in the left pocket’’. 

My doctor asked some questions and one of them was – have I ever been exposed to x-rays? My answer was yes, chest x-rays which was captured twice and that’s all. He said the x-rays was the main cause. He treated me with a machine called electromagnetic ion cleanser and doses, but I still go to clinic for treatment because the face of the skin (little part of the left thigh) remains tough, slightly red and dry. Increase the brightness of your device and look the picture again, you will clearly see what my crack screen phone caused

To God alone is the glory for using my doctor as an element to conquer the obstacle.

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