Saturday, 21 May 2016

Cholesterol - The real poison in your body system

Are you healthy? I guess your answer is yes and it’s probably because you are happy

Cholesterol is present in the blood of every humans, and it is very dangerous if much. You may feel well and happy but how can you know if your cholesterol level is above normal? Have you consult a physician on your cholesterol level? See killer effects of cholesterol and how to control it.

Cholesterol clog arteries

Arteries functions as vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart and transfer it to some cells, tissues and organs in the body, such brain, fingers, genitals, leg, ear, nose, etc

When cholesterol is buildup in the inner walls of arteries, it may result into blockage of the whole arteries. However, arteries remain stagnant and functionless. It may lead to heart-attack – one of the top 5 leading death in North-America especially in the US, and can also lead to sudden death.

In some cases, arteries wall become very narrow and hardened, thereby reducing the blood flow throughout the body

Most patient that come to our hospital as a result of heart-attack or stroke are always diagnosed of high bad cholesterol. Beware, be smart and be wise!

Some factors that occur as a result of clogged arteries

Chest pain 

This also known as angina. Angina may result when there is high level of fatty substances like cholesterol in the arteries.

Gall stone buildup
Gall bladder usually breakdown cholesterol secreted by the liver. If the bile produce in the gall bladder is lower than the cholesterol, the bile won’t be able to split the cholesterol into very small particles. As a result, some gall stones may develop, though they are not really stones but some sort of solid particles. Gall stones can be very big or small. 

Accumulations of fat in the liver

Liver produces the cholesterol and other fatty substances such as triglyceride for the body to maintain certain amount of vitamin D and hormones. Hormones control activities of some cells, tissues and organs.

However, if there is much cholesterol in the blood, the blood will not act faster in transporting the fatty materials secreted by the liver, therefore, the fatty acids accumulates around the liver.

Ways to control blood cholesterol level

Though cholesterol doesn’t show symptoms before it get bad but there are some positive ways to manage it.

Eating more lycopene: There is a substance called lycopene found in tomato that helps unclog arteries in a naturally..

Seek medical advice: consult your docor, cholesterol test is very easy to carry out in a common laboratory room. The doctor collect small sample of your blood, usually in the tomb and take it to laboratory for examination.

Exercise: exercise play major role in breaking and losing any form of fatty substances in the body.

Eat healthy fruit and vegetables: Bread and Butter is not all. Always take your time to eat fruit and vegetables. How do you take in your fruit? Do you eat it before meal or after meal or you mix it with meal. Fruit is very important to be taken on an empty stomach to avoid cancer diseases.


  1. true fact....this write up as help me learn more about things i never thought could kill me

    1. Sure wahab,cholesterol is really a bad thing people don't like to get rid off. Thanks for dropping by anyway!

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