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See how my Grandma burn calories on SPOT. NO 10 is dope!

My grandmother burn calories on a spot because she is an obesity fan. The most interesting thing about her is how she gets rid of calorie faster while staying on a spot. Though, she is not slim but she is improving very fast and waving away from her high obesity rate.
However, this post is not limited to obese people. It is dedicated to all human being that is alive and consuming food for sustenance of energy. The more you eat energizers, the more your calorie rate becomes. Therefore, if you need energy, you can never abstain from calories. It is impossible to stay away from calories but there are superb ways of getting rid of calories to burn fat faster so as not to get to the obesity level.
Calorie is a unit of energy that is 1000 times larger than the gram calorie. It is usually in Kcal – i.e, KilogramCalorie. Kcal is always written at the edge of a label of soft-drinks if you do observe what you eat and drink.

Slimming/Weight Loss Pills and Supplements That Really Work - UPDATED!

Exercising to lose weight, diet to lose weight, slimming pills and dietary supplements are commonest problem that are really being work and discussed on in today’s health world, especially in America and Europe.
Some people really prefer to work on pills or dietary supplements to lose weight and becoming slim instead of working on exercise; because they know exercising to lose weight happens every day with tedious regularity, thinking slimming won’t be really fast and easy.
However, exercising should have be the best because natural treatment is considered the primitive form of conquering disease like overweight or obesity.

But what if?
Your work doesn’t really allow you to lose weight and slim down with exercise?Slimming pills and dietary supplements is the only best option to lose weight faster because of your high obesity rate?You are very overweight and can’t even walk few miles not to talk of jogging or exercising in any form?You like to combine slimming pills, slimming supplement…

6 blogging success determinants - UPDATED!

Our success depends on 6 major things. I respect number 6 but number 3 may be so deadly if you don’t have the mind. You’ve got a lot of scenarios running on your head on how to become successful in life. At first, you may find it difficult to know how, but you later discovered there are always ways to succeed. I’m sure you would discover there are several things that can make you successful but you don’t know which ones to uphold and imbibe.
Our success depends upon 6 major things which I don’t think you would object. Yes! “OUR” - you and me.  In any endeavour, we should depend majorly on these 6 things because they are factors that determine our success.

#2           Depth of commitment

Commitment is the number 2 key to success. You should be completely docile to achieve huge success in blogging or anything you venture in. Ask yourself! Are you among the bloggers that quit blogging because it doesn’t’ yield quick returns? Because, these people have a very poor depth of commitment, it is …

Killer effects of Using Crack Screen Mobile Phone

Though technology might be what everyone is talking about today, but we should however be smarter that technology is not all. Always be conscious and be vigilant of any strange feeling in your bodyas you use your phone or any other powerful IT device.
This effects of crack screen phone  happened to me, I know we all hate to hear story but please take your time toread this and perhaps you might save lives. I will like to conceal the brand and name of the phone, but have it mind that it’s a powerful producer that produces premium devices.
Few month back, I was in my room looking for my wallet on a squat position, I discovered my left leg was shaking and vibrating so badly that I couldn’t control it, I said to my self – this is strange and what might be happening? I also noticed whenever I walk just few miles - my left leg will not balance and seems falling apart from the right leg. This become habit

6 Powerful everlasting ways to be alive and sturdy in health blogging. ” Big-man ideas”

Blogging about health, fitness, diet or nutrition doesn’t come so naturally especially if you have little or no idea about medical related issues.
I will show you how to write uniquely qualified content on health even if you don’t go to medical school, and how to get faster adsense approval with it. Follow these 6 big-man ideas on health blogging and within 14 days, you might be approved. Health and fitness blog is highly profitable in the blogging lucrative industry provided you are smarter to do it well.
If after you’ve placed about page, contact page, privacy policy and sitemapon your health blog, these are next steps: 100% working. I’m sure you will come back and give testimony.
#1. Study your situation

A perfect way to find a standout and unique content for your health blog. This helps alot and work for my second post on my blog. Always listen to your body for any form of uncommon situations. Think about disease that attacked you or someone else and how it was cured. 

Meat You Should Eat, Meat You may Avoid and Meat You Must Avoid. Must read!

Most super-markets have special lightening around their meat counter which makes it very difficult to see what you are buying. Therefore, shine your eyes and don’t be deceived.
See the list of meat you should eat


Poultry is a good source of protein, might be chicken, turkey, quail, duck, etc. I buy my chickens whole so I know exactly what I’m buying. Then, I peel all the fat away because if there are toxins in the meat, it will be in the fat.  Also, avoid turkey that has grown up a lot of fat during breeding. You’re just paying for extra fat which is dangerous to your body.

Fish is an excellent food but don’t fry it always. Baked fish can be prepared in a way that makes it delicious.
Why not fry fish? Because one teaspoon of oil has 125 calories. The oil or grease must be about 3 inches deep in the skillet to fry fish. We also add so many ingredients to fry our fish, usually pepper, oatmeal, cracker-crumbs. Do you know how many calories these things have?
What happen is that…

11 Harmful-killer effects of sugar. So deadly!

Sugar is like a poison and killer that murders the body system. It can cause the body system not to function properly. Sugar is an harmful substance that can cause, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, fatigue, anxiety, hyperactivity, high-blood pressure, behavioural disorder, colon diseases, allergies, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, blurriness of the eyes, acoustic problems, cerebrum disease such as forgetfulness and schizophremia- the most dreaded of all mental illness. So tell me, what shall you gain from harmful substance like sugar?
Why is sugar such a harmful substance? It is usually in foods that contain nothing but empty calories. Empty calories foods are foods that provide filler but little food value. People who eat a lot of food with high proportion of sugar may feel full all the time but actually are undernourished. Each American consumes about 100 to 150 pounds of white sugar each year. Much of it is consumed in junk foods.